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About EllisDon

EllisDon is an employee-owned $5 billion-a-year construction services company that has grown exponentially beyond its modest origins when it was founded in 1951 in London, Ontario. With over 5,000 salaried and hourly employees across fifteen national and international offices, EllisDon has become a leader in every sector and nearly every facet of the construction industry. EllisDon’s Atlantic Canada presence spans five decades building key public and private infrastructure in Halifax including the original Halifax Airport (Robert Stanfield Airport), the Halifax Central Library, the Nova Centre and the Irving Shipyard. EllisDon has positioned itself as a ‘Cradle To Grave’ Services Provider with guaranteed performance outcomes through its Capital Services, Facilities Management, and Sustainable Buildings Divisions. EllisDon is determined to lead the coming disruption in the construction sector, having recently created pioneering initiatives in Energy Management, Smart Buildings Software and Data Analytics. 



EllisDon’s corporate culture and approach to business is a reflection of its core values and principles: Freedom, Trust, Complete Openness, Mutual Accountability, Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm, Integrity and Mutual Respect.

These values provide our employees with the courage to express and apply their innovations and expertise, allow our clients to work with us in an open, transparent way, and push us to expand beyond the boundary of what it means to be a construction company.



We strive to give every individual at EllisDon the freedom and the responsibility to do their job, to make our clients successful, and create new opportunities. We start from the premise that everyone at EllisDon has the best interests of their coworkers and clients at heart. Our systems must serve our people, not the other way around. We trust these premises and EllisDon employees are free to deliver their work as they see fit. The result is a company filled with leaders where everyone accepts ownership and responsibility for success or failure. This belief is the basis of our corporate philosophy.



We want to share everything about our company with everyone who works at EllisDon and we want our clients to know everything about their projects with total and complete transparency.  We want to shine a light on all potential problems, successes, opportunities and innovative ideas. Knowledge is power, and sharing this knowledge helps both our clients and us be successful.



Everyone at EllisDon should be openly and equally accountable to everyone else who works within the company and who relies directly upon EllisDon for their success. This accountability must flow not just ‘up’ the structure, but down and across as well. We are all in this together and must rely on one another. We will embrace errors that arise from dedicated effort and appropriate risk taking. We will learn and improve, but never shirk.



We want everybody at EllisDon to watch for and to seize upon new opportunities, to think creatively, to always strive to innovate, and to enthusiastically bring forward their ideas on any subject. We want to lead with our minds, challenge everything, and we must not be constrained by conventional thinking or traditional structures.



We hold each other to the highest standards of professional and personal integrity. We will be good to our word, and demonstrate complete honesty at all times. We will strive to treat everyone around us respectfully, not just at work but at home and in our communities. On these key values, we will set a consistently high standard.


Our Team